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    It is extremely important that you read this section carefully. It will help you get your order processed by us quickly, and delivered to you as fast as possible. Remember that many chemicals are hazardous materials. Ordering, shipping, and receiving them are more complicated than you may be used to.


    Except where noted, can ship chemicals to every state in the US. Sorry, but we do not ship outside the United States. To find out if any item can be shipped to you in your city, or state, all you need to do is add the item you want to your shopping cart. When you do that, the shipping options for that product will be shown to you.


    If you are purchasing chemicals from, we have a few ground rules you need to know about.

    Verification of age and “Hold Harmless” agreements are required from everyone. We require that anyone buying any items, whether representing an organization or buying as an individual must first do two things:

    1.  Prove to us you are 21 years of age or older.  There are two ways you can do this.

    a.       If you are a US resident, verify your age online in a few seconds.  When you use the shopping cart on the web site, you will see an option to have your age verified online.  Just check that option and follow the directions.  If some situations (for instance, if you have moved recently), this online verification process may not work for you.  In that case, go to “b.” below.

    b.      Send us a copy of your identification.  If you live outside the USA, or if you were not able to verify your age online, you can send us a copy of your driver’s license, passport or other form of identification.  The fastest and most reliable way to do this is to email us a copy of your identification, preferably as a .jpg file attached to your email.  If you fax us your ID, you should first photocopy and enlarge it.  If your photocopy is very, very clear, then it will probably come across on our end clearly.  If it is dark, blurry, not enlarged, etc., it almost certainly will not be readable on our end.  Please write your telephone number, name, and email address on the fax.  If you fax, you should follow up with a phone call to make sure we received it. “Satisfactory” identification means just that: satisfactory to us.  We can and do reject questionable identification and occasionally will ask for additional identification.  Once we receive your ID, we will confirm that by email.  If you don’t receive the email confirmation from us, then we probably do not have your ID yet.

    2.  Use’s Online Hold Harmless Agreement.  If you order from our web site, you will automatically be presented with our Hold Harmless Agreement.  All you have to do is accept or decline it, by clicking a button. If you accept it, you can proceed with your order. If you decline it, you won’t be able to order anything from  By accepting this agreement you are agreeing that should any accident or any other incident arise from the use of any of our products, that you will not make any legal or financial claims against or any of its employees.

    Verifying your age and accepting the Hold Harmless Agreement are one-time requirements. You do not need to ever submit them again.

    Limits on items.  For various reasons, from time to time, we may chose to limit the quantity of some items that you can purchase. While we have no set limits on most items, we may refuse orders for any amount we consider to be out of the ordinary.


    There are no limits on chemicals sold to organizations who can provide us with an ATFE (Type 20) license or who fall into these categories:

    ·        Government agencies

    ·        Educational institutions

    You must send your order on your company/organization letterhead. We will keep the copy of any ATFE license you provide us on file for the period it covers; you do not need to resubmit it with each order to us. We do not require or accept any other ATFE licenses than Type 20.

    All orders must be prepaid by credit card, Visa, MasterCard.  We are a small company and do not have the facilities to bill you.  Please don’t ask.  To get a quote ahead of time, just go to our web site, add the items you want to the shopping cart there, pick the shipping method(s) you want used, and you will see the total costs of your order.


    To compare costs for different methods to your location, just enter an order as if you were going to purchase it, then pick from the available shipping method choices for each item in your shopping cart.  You can use different shipping methods for different items in your order.

    US Shipping. Due to the complexity of hazardous material shipping restrictions in this country, we ship US orders in a variety of ways.  We normally recommend that you use UPS for shipping.  They are faster than the US Mail, and you get a tracking number from them.  US Mail Parcel Post (surface), while sometimes cheaper will always take 2-4 times longer than UPS ground.  Since air and overnight shipment of hazardous chemicals is often not legally possible, and usually cost-prohibitive, it is’s policy not to ship any hazardous materials by air.

    No Hazmat Fees on shipments.  Because we can legally ship most of our products by US Mail, we do not charge you any hazmat fees on hazardous material shipments.

    International Shipping. does not ship outside of the US.

    Pickups at our Warehouse.  You can come by our warehouse in Virginia, near Washington, DC and pick up your order.  We do require that you order at least two days ahead of time, though, so that we can be sure and have everything ready for you.  You can use the shopping cart to order for warehouse pickup quickly and easily.  Everything you will need is there.  When you complete your online order, you will automatically receive an email containing directions to our warehouse.  Unless you already know how to get here, you will never find us in your lifetime.  If you pick your order up, you can get any product we sell and save the shipping charges.  This is a good way to get materials that cannot otherwise be shipped to you, or whose shipping costs are expensive.


    You must be 21 and have provided proof of this before ordering.  Be sure that your identification is on file with us or that your age has been verified online at our web site before placing your order.  If it is not, your order will not be processed.  There are no exceptions to this rule.

    Minimum Order is $30.00, excluding packaging and shipping fees.  Occasionally someone objects to this.  The reason is simple:  the time and labor costs to process and handle each order are such that we lose money on orders any smaller than this.

    No Hazmat Fees.  There are no costly hazmat fees for any orders.

    Payment Terms.  We require payment in advance on all orders. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.  We do not accept checks, money orders, bank drafts, mail-in orders, COD orders, nor purchase orders.  We do not set up accounts for customers or institutions.

    If Your Credit Card is Not Approved:  If you are paying by credit card, please use a credit card that you KNOW still has enough credit left on it to pay for the order.  When you give us a card number that is not approved by your credit card company, your order gets delayed and our warehouse people waste time re-processing your order.  We will attempt to get your order approved three times.  If the charge is not approved after the third try, we will cancel the order, return the items to stock, and require you to pay a restocking fee of $25 prior to processing any future orders.  So please, don’t use your credit card if you don’t have enough available credit.

    Out of Stock Items.  Any item you order that is temporarily out of stock will be “back-ordered.”  The remainder of your order will be shipped to you, unless you tell us to hold your order and ship everything at one time.  As soon the replacement inventory for the back-ordered item arrives here, we will automatically ship it to you, unless you request otherwise.  You are not charged for back-ordered items until they are shipped to you.  We do charge for shipping on back-ordered items.

    Expedited Shipping.  We will expedite the shipping of your order for an Expedited Shipping fee of $10.00.  This means your order goes out before everyone else’s. If we receive your expedited order by noon, it will usually go out the same day.  Expedited shipping does not mean that your order will arrive more quickly after it is shipped.  All it does is leave here more quickly.  If you need your order to arrive quickly, you should specify a fast shipping method as well as Expedited Shipping.

    Busy Season: April 1-July 30.  The busiest time of the year for us is usually between April and August.  If you order anything during this period, you may experience delays in receiving your order.  Please take this into account when placing your order and choosing a shipping method.

    Discounts. We discount most of our chemicals according to how much you order.  You get no discount up to 5 pounds of any item.  From 5 through 9 pounds will get you an 8% discount.  If you order 10 pounds or more, you get a 14% discount on that item.  There are no other bulk or quantity discounts available, unless shown on the web site.

    Refused or Undeliverable Orders.  Any order that cannot be delivered to you and/or is returned to us in resalable condition will be subject to a 25% restocking fee.  We will either charge your credit card for this amount or keep it on account and require you to pay it along with your next order.

    Visits or pickups at our warehouse.  We are a mail-order business, not a retail store.  We are not really set up to have unscheduled or “walk-in” or casual visitors.  We have no retail showroom and do not have folks around who can help you as in a retail store. However, if you place your order online at least two days before you want to pick up your order, we are certainly happy for you to come by and save yourself all those delivery and hazmat fees.  When you order online for warehouse pickup, be sure and specify Warehouse Pickup as the “shipping method” for each item in your order.  After you complete your order, you will receive an email confirming your order, and the pickup date and time.  You will also receive a detailed set of directions to our warehouse.  Our warehouse is located approximately 55 miles west of Washington, DC and within an hour’s drive or less of Interstates 95, 66, 70, and 81.


    Safety.  We provide a printed Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) with almost every chemical.  We strongly encourage you to read these materials and understand them.  In the absence of any information about a particular chemical, you should always treat it as hazardous and toxic and use adequate ventilation, and breathing, and skin protection when handling it.

    Packaging and quality. All of our chemicals come packed in a plastic bag, twist-tied, then packed and tape-sealed inside a sturdy, reusable plastic tub, bottle, metal can, or corrugated box.  Each container is labeled and contains a material safety data sheet (MSDS) for that chemical.  The chemicals we supply are generally technical grade, sometimes better.  Technical grade is generally defined as “chemicals of reasonable purity.”

    Disclaimer. Our description of chemicals is based on representations made by our suppliers.  We do not test to verify this information.  Neither, Inc. nor its employees or agents, make any warranties, express or implied, concerning the suitability of any product we sell for any particular use.  It is up to you, the buyer, to determine the suitability of each product for your intended use.  You assume all risk and liability for any injury, loss, or damage, direct or consequential, arising out of your use or inability to use the product. If such chemicals or other products do not meet your needs, or if you do not accept these conditions, immediately return any or all items to, Inc. for a full, unconditional refund.

    Money-Back Guarantee.  All products are sold with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  If you are not satisfied in any way with any product we sell, we will be happy to refund your full purchase price.  Just call us and tell us you are returning the product.

    Finally… Every effort possible has gone into making our web site accurate and up to date.  No doubt we missed something or have made mistakes in it.  Do not treat the information here as gospel.  Feel free to correct us or offer suggestions or complaints. We welcome them.

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